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With over 20 years of solid business experience, Shawn Buffaloe, CPA and his team are committed to your success in the areas of accounting, taxation, finance and business planning. Our focused approach and diligence allows our clients to concentrate on their core competencies and achieve success. Our goal is to help you understand how to use your financial information as a relevant tool to achieve financial success in your business. Many small business owners believe that accounting and tax return preparation are a necessary evil. When you work with us, you will soon begin to see that financial record keeping is the compass that every good navigator must have to achieve financial success. We understand that you must have accurate, meaningful and, most importantly, timely information in order to evaluate the performance of your business and make critical decisions that affect your business.

The Buffaloe Group provides outstanding service to our clients because of our dedication to three underlining principles:


By continually enhancing our formal education, we remain on the cutting edge of management reporting tools, tax legislation and tax and financial planning tools. We remain in contact with relevant lending institutions, government representatives and other legal and financial professionals, thereby keeping abreast of the local financial landscape and climate. When you ask us for financial assistance you are receiving up-to-date and relevant information.


Many a time, advisors equate responsiveness with reaction. Our time-tested methodologies allow us to bring to your attention issues before they arise. Your interaction with us will be very different to your average interaction with an accountant. You will begin to see that in the right hands, the data/numbers are transformed into a powerful management tool, which will become indispensable to your success and your ability to plan for the future.


In order to successfully build a trusted advisor relationship with a client, a situation where the advisor becomes a true sounding board, the advisor and the decision-maker must have common values and beliefs. Our high quality service and "raving fan" clients are the result of our commitment to excellence.

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